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Our story

for over three decades

Linstol is the leader of in-flight passenger comforts (amenity kits, sleep kits, blankets and pillows), consumables (cups, napkins and cutlery) and the largest manufacturer of in-flight passenger headsets in the world. Headquartered in Naples, FL, with offices in the UK, Hong Kong, and Dubai, Linstol sets the standard for sustainability and social responsibility within the airline industry. In addition, Linstol sets the highest of standards within the industry for innovation, quality control, on-time deliveries and advanced logistics, tracking and warehousing.

Our vision

elevate the travel experience

Our Vision is to spearhead a transformative revolution by providing the travel industry with visionary, sustainable, and unparalleled passenger comforts, and we aim to transcend expectations, elevate the travel experience, champion environmental stewardship, and create an organization that nurtures growth, fosters creativity, and celebrates success.

Our milestone


Since our first client in 1993 (British Airways), Linstol’s growth and success continues to be attributed to our people and our strategic partners. Highpoints include growing our footprint with world-wide office locations, expanding our cause with acquisitions like Phitek Headsets and MnH Sustainable Cabin services and enacting our sustainability initiatives by partnering with globally recognized companies such as Pachama, The Plastic Bank, and Smart Planet Technologies. In 2022, Linstol joined Naples, Florida-based Hoffmann Family of Companies, further expanding our offerings and partnerships through a diverse global portfolio. We are committed to continuing to push the boundaries of innovation and service levels our airline partners expect.

Meet our team

partners in flight

Linstol’s team has developed a deep understanding of the challenges airlines face. Operating with a customer-centric mindset, we prioritize innovation and collaboration, working closely with clients to deliver tailored solutions that meet their needs and exceed expectations. Linstol is your go-to partner for all airline-related needs. You can trust us to deliver products that not only enhance the in-flight experience but also contribute to the overall satisfaction of your passengers. By choosing Linstol as your airline partner, you’re making a wise decision that will benefit your business in the long run.

Our awards

excellence in flight

Linstol has received recognition for excellence in design, innovation, sustainable practices, and customer service. We’ve been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the PAX International Readership Award for Best Eco-Friendly Product. We offer customization options and responsive customer service that have gained recognition within the industry.