we listen
and we deliver every step of the journey

we listen and we deliver
every step of the journey

our core competencies

Design Process

Delivering Custom Designs

We listen and we deliver. Our internal design process involves all the necessary elements to design a custom piece that fits your brand.

ASK. Review the client/airline brief and ask necessary questions to accomplish the target goal.

RESEARCH. Establish a storyline concept, research materials, and collaborate with brand partners who best suit the request.

DESIGN. Create inspiration and produce renderings and presentations to illustrate bespoke design ideas.

DEVELOP. Generate spec sheets with product details for sample production.

TEST. Review samples for final sign-off.

FINAL DESIGN. Produce and deliver an exceptional product.

Global Supply Chain

on-time and accurate deliveries

With full upstream control and strong, established partnerships, Linstol manages the entire supply chain, from raw material sourcing through manufacturing and quality control to final delivery. World-class supply chain optimization is facilitated by a combination of deep industry expertise and cutting-edge technology.

In this dynamic industry, Linstol provides supply chain stability and flexibility, leveraging an international network of distribution centers and industry-leading freight partners. 


30+ years of expertise

With more than 30 years of travel industry expertise, Linstol has consistently delivered custom logistics solutions to the world’s major airlines that improve operational efficiency, reduce vendor management stress, and provide demonstratable cost savings.

We currently provide a range of customer logistics solutions, including full inventory management and forecasting, independent co-located warehousing, white-glove small package delivery, and full Incoterm flexibility to more than 190 locations in 39 countries.


easy streamline

Linstol is at the forefront of leveraging technology to serve our clients. Our cloud architecture provides deep visibility and reporting capabilities while empowering our team to meet our 99.9% on-time and accurate delivery benchmark for more than five consecutive years.

Our adoption of technology empowers us to create bespoke world-class products currently used on flights. We leverage patented technologies in the audio and mealware space, and constantly push ourselves to deliver higher-quality products for our clients.