creating visionary, sustainable and unparallel designs


our products express world-class planning and design.

Linstol's amenities are expertly crafted to best represent both our partners and our extraordinarily high standards.


Elevate the travel experience

Linstol is the leader in headsets and customized solutions for the airline industry, serving the largest number of global airlines and supplying the largest quantity of headsets and earbuds annually. We supply a broad range of headsets designed to fit your brand and your customer, from low-cost disposable earbuds to noise-canceling headsets and products designed for retail onboard sales.

Amenity Kits

enrich the passenger experience

At Linstol, our process for translating airline and brand partnerships into amenity bag designs begins with comprehensive research. Understanding a brand’s ethos, style, values, and unique elements is key. Our team, proficient in both conceptual and technical design, excels in creating premier amenity bags tuned to perfection. We not only marry brand aesthetics with customer needs, but we also excel at weaving compelling narratives through our concepts, telling captivating stories through our designs to further enrich a passenger’s inflight experience. Backed by our seasoned product development team, we ensure an excellent, timely, cost-effective conversion of our concepts into reality. We’re devoted to revolutionizing in-flight comfort-one amenity bag at a time.


high-quality solutions

We create the ultimate high-quality, fully customizable comforts for travel by elevating the customer experience with soft loungewear, pajamas, and bedding, all made from sustainable fabrics and yarns. Linstol provides tailor-made solutions to enhance passengers’ onboard experiences every day.

Skin care


Linstol is committed to continuing to develop a range of skincare products that meet consumers’ needs. We enhance the travel experience by partnering with brands focused on a commitment to sustainability by using natural and organic ingredients and supporting the body and mind.


minimize carbon footprints

Embracing a greener tomorrow, Linstol pioneers a shift in the airline industry with a premium range of eco-friendly disposable products. Our innovative solutions not only aid airlines in significantly reducing waste but also enhance fuel efficiency and minimize carbon footprints. Together, we’re elevating the aviation sector’s commitment to sustainability.